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39% of men and 36% of women age 12+ in the U.S. are monthly podcast listeners. (Edison Research, 2020)

Are you looking to grow your authority as a subject matter expert?

Minimum of 2 relevant podcasts booked per month

Only booked on shows that relate and are fully vetted

Build your authority
212 million users

Over 75% of Americans above the age of 12 are familiar with podcasting, making your growth options exponentially high.*
*Edison Research, 2020

Grow Your Reach

Spread your brand through long-form content to a vetted audience already interested in your subject matter. Podcast audiences are great, warm sources of potential new consumers for your product or service.

Increase SEO Rankings

Podcast content is in excellent, low-barrier, and efficient source to build new SEO backlinks. Audio content can easily be transposed to other channels and mediums for increased multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Drive Leads To Your Business

Generate interest and leads from a new channel and new audience with every podcast appearance. Working with interested audiences can lead to higher sales conversion rates for your business.

Getting booked on your

Next podcast is easy

With Podcatalyst systematic scheduling and booking process your free to leave the heavy lifting to us. Focus on growing your expertise while we find your next podcast interview.

Establish Your Target Shows

Before we start booking shows we sit down with you and identify what your optimal targeted show looks like. Using our branded bio sheet we build a baseline for you.

Personalized Booking Agent And Pitching Process

With over 850,000 active podcasts* as of 2020 finding the right ones are like finding a needle in a hat stack. To fluidly manage the search we provide you with a personalized booking agent who identifies, pitches, and schedules your shows. (*Podcast Insights, 2020)

Choose Your Schedule

After hunting across the network of podcast you’re provided with a number of options to choose from. You then work with your booking agent to schedule the shows you want. Each month we ensure that you’re guaranteed bookings on two podcasts.

Book your first podcast interview for free, schedule a complimentary consult to find out how. *

“Podcatalyst is the best tool for building new consumer growth, period.”

Jared Swanson, Head and Heart Productions

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Share your knowledge with communities that are thirsty to hear it. Educating warm audiences is one of the fastest ways to gain exposure and increase consumer interest in your service.

Agency Owners

Real Estate

No matter your industry, there is market for your area of expertise on podcasts. With 212 million people listening, we’ll find your target audience that will help your business and credibility grow.


Health and Well Being
Personal Development

Grow your audience and reach those who are interested in your products and services. Podcasts give you a marketing channel that’s viable and makes in-roads to build your brand and increase your reach online.

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